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For you newcomers and curious wondering what the … is this? We present our Introductory offer – The Tasting Box – whit an selection of new delicious and different fresh exotic fruits, freshly flown in every week.

This box is expected to be an introduction to those who would like to try something new and different flavours, also to surprise your senses with the exciting shapes, colours and aromas of exotic fruits from South America and the Caribbean.

This box contains:

Ready to eat

  • Granadilla x 1
  • Yellow Pitahaya x 1
  • Cactus fig/Prickly pear x 1
  • Mangosteen x 1
  • Pepino Melon x 1
  • Physalis (handful)

Enjoy it in the blender

  • Curuba x 1
  • Feijoa x 1
  • Lulo x 1
  • Tamarillo
  • Maracuya

Please visit our website and check on each fruit for suggestions on how to eat, store and use each fruit. Also, some information on Nutritional facts and reviews so you can share your thoughts with our community and find tips and support for recipes, cocktails, etc.


You will enjoy it… for sure.