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We are a London based company specialized on importing Exotic Fruits, and products related, from around the world. It is not just about the rare and exciting new fruits, is also about how to eat them and get the most exciting experience out of it.

In our selection we have products from the Caribbean and the Amazon Forest, brought by plane every week in order to guarantee is all as fresh and tasty as it can be. We have taken good care on our selection, in order to provide you with a wide arrange of products, complicit with export quality regulations, clean and healthy, packed and presented in the best way to keep its properties and as cleanly and environmentally friendly as possible.

Our partners are growers, each one of them have long term expertise in growing, harvesting and now packing, to export the different varieties of our products. Our commitment and responsibility is with them directly. We are in constant communication and development in terms of new products. they will love to hear your feedback as much as we do.

Our goal is to connect with our customers and become a reliable and trustworthy exotic fruit supplier, delivering to every corner in the UK, establishing a long term relationship. If you are already one of our customers, is always great to have you around, let us know what are you thinking in our social media channels, if not, welcome and hope you enjoy browsing around, there's plenty to choose from, and if you are up for it, why not Sign Up and get discounts and updates of what's going on here.


Yours fruitfully,


The FruitGround team.