About us

Welcome to our playground, we are a 5 year+ registered company importing and working with exotic fruits from around the world in the UK. We supply the major wholesale markets in London and localized specialty shops around the city, who are continuously requesting for new arrivals to display on their premises and try on new markets.

Every week we get a fresh shipment by plane, straight from our farmer/partners, always refrigerated until delivery, so we can guarantee quality and freshness 24/7 all year long.

Due to the increasing popularity of our products, many people started asking for a way to reach our products by units or smaller quantities, and this site is our answer to those many requests.

Our goal with FruitGround is to offer our products directly to retail customers and deliver straight to your door, so you can enjoy exotic fruits as fresh as they can be, just as any banana or apple you are used to.

We want to give some ideas on how to eat and cook, nutrition facts and make the most out of each one of them, so please look us up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get to know a bit more of your selection of products on FruitGround

Lets get this community started!!!

Your fruitfully,


The FruitGround Team