Soursop juice

Soursop is an exotic fruit known for it's authentic sweet and sour flavour, and it's healthy properties. The pulp is creamy and delicious, making the fruit a perfect option for preparing smoothies and desserts. One of the most easier ways to use the fruit is preparing a pulp to freeze and making juices. Find the soursop juice recipe below:



1 cup of soursop pulp 

200ml water or milk

some lemon drops



 1. To extract the soursop pulp, you must cut the fruit into chunks, remove the skin, place it in a blender with some water and blend it shortly. After that, it is necessary to sieve the cream, discarding the seeds. Then, divide the pulp into 1 cup portions and freeze it to use as you like.

2. For the soursop juice, combine 1 cup of the frozen pulp, water or milk and blend it well. Add few lemon drops and a sweetener you prefer (I like to add a drizzle of honey) and mix it. It is ready to drink! Enjoy

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